Rack Safety Inspections

Will your racking and storage system stand up to inspection?

Pallet Racking can be dangerous - both for workers and for bystanders. The most serious dangers occur when all or part of a rack collapses or when loads fall off a rack or forklift.

These incidents usually happen because:

  • racks are not designed, installed or assembled properly,
  • the wrong kind of equipment is used to load or unload racks,
  • racks are overloaded beyond specifications,
  • a rack has been damaged.

Inspection Program

Employers that use pallet storage racks in the workplace must inspect racks on a regular basis or after any damage has been reported. They must also keep record of each inspection.

The person who does the inspection must have:

  • specific training in inspecting storage racks
  • a plan of the current layout
  • elevation drawings
  • manufacturer's instructions for the racks

Our Company: Rack Safety Inspections - a division of Flow-Rite Inc.

Rack safety is the employer's responsibility. Your rack system must meet safety standards at all times and must be inspected regularly. Our company can ensure your racking system will meet Ontario Government standards and help you implement a regular maintenance and inspection grogram to ensure you employees remain safe.

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